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Combining the ultimate in speed and stealth the new Carbon Express® Maxima Sable RZ is the new standard among precision-designed lightweight hunting arrows.

Constructed with Carbon Express’s exclusive TriSpine technology with 360-degree spine consistency to stabilize and maintain how the arrow flexes in flight, the Sable RZ series sets a new standard in lightweight hunting arrow performance. The exclusive 3K carbon weave of the TriSpine construction brings strength, stability, and speed together to create a tough, and wicked-accurate arrow shaft with up to 4X the accuracy of standard single spine arrows. Designed to maximize velocity, the key to consistency comes in the arrow’s center section or Red Zone™ which takes advantage of Carbon Express’s proven Tri-Spine technology where the center section is weaker while the distal ends remain stiff to contain arrow oscillation and control the enemy of hyper-accuracy, Dynamic Spine. Through the use of this technology broadheads shoot more accurately and consistently thanks to the reduction in the exaggerated effect of broadhead- tipped arrows. This combination delivers unprecedented accuracy in a flat-shooting and deep penetrating standard-sized (.244 inner diameter) hunting arrow. Constructed of 100% carbon the Maxima Sable RZ offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. In testing, Maxima Sable arrows have shown a 10+% increase in accuracy as compared to similar arrow models of the past. Those who desire to maximize speed and accuracy with less drop at distance need to look no further than the Maxima Sable RZ. Each shaft features stealthy black graphics and includes precision machined Carbon Express inserts, premium Launchpad nocks and shaft-protecting Bulldog nock collars. Available as 12-pack shafts or 6-pack fletched arrows fletched with 2-inch Quadel vanes in black and gray.

Get it here: MAXIMA SABLE RZ 500 – 12/PK MAXIMA SABLE RZ 400 – 12/PK MAXIMA SABLE RZ 350 12/PK

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