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Bowhunting Mule Deer From Treestands

Don’t overlook the effectiveness of an elevated ambush. That day, you could’ve heard a pin drop—which is a rarity on the normally gusty South Dakota prairies. Dawn cracked slowly that November morning, and with the onset of legal shooting light came the rustling of an approaching deer. I was hunting 20 feet up the only…

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Pronghorn Antelope Hunting: DIY

Say Hello to the West’s Best Entry-Level Hunting Experience: Antelope The inquisitive buck meandered through the alfalfa toward the pop-up blind where my brother Brad and I were hiding. At 50 yards and broadside, my opportunity had arrived. I anchored, hovered my pin on the buck’s lower-third chest area, and launched my arrow. Unfortunately, the…

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Become A Better Bowhunter During the Off-Season

Archery is a precision sport. Improving as a bowhunter demands consistent practice. We’ve all been there. After months of neglect, you strain to draw your bow. Back in the fall, the simple act of drawing, anchoring, aiming, releasing, and following through was effortless. Back then, muscle memory and the fluidity of your draw were second…

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Help the Yelp

Despite the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 50 years of unparalleled conservation delivery and the realization of what is regarded as the most acclaimed conservation story in America, many factors today are resulting in the loss of healthy habitats and a decrease in wild turkey populations. The health of the North American wild turkey population has diminished…

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