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When nothing less than the lightest, most versatile, durable quiver will do, Octane Accessories is proud to announce the Vault is here. Designed for the treestand and ground hunter alike, this ultra-compact quiver is perfect for running and gunning or where space is a premium. Engineered from premium materials like Carbon, the quiver is built to take a beating and come back for more.


  • An Oversized quick-release lever providing easy access for quiver Locks down tight to eliminate noise on the shot.
  • A fully customizable position design keeps this quiver fitting tight against the bow. Additionally, it allows fine-tuning of placement and angle to perfect balance.
  • Premium carbon and aluminum construction for unmatched weight reduction and strength.
  • An extra durable hood with an internal sound-dampening lining reduces sound and protects expensive
  • A removable secondary gripper aids in arrow retention to allow for the use of both fixed and mechanical
  • A rugged and durable hanging loop for those that prefer to take the quiver off the bow when in the tree

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