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The Big Advantage of Rangefinding Binoculars
One of the biggest game changers for hunters that I have seen in recent years is the invention of rangefinders. Many a hunter, including myself, has misjudged the distance of a deer, antelope, elk or moose and ended up shooting overtop or underneath an animal that was in our effective shooting range. We have also…
Charles Daly’s Shotguns Blend with Mossy Oak’s Bottomland Camo
Charles Daly has added Mossy Oak’s Bottomland® camo to many of their shotgun models including the 601 semi-automatic, 301 pump-action, and 101 single barrel shotguns. Complementary to this versatile camo, receivers are coated in the prominent Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Cerakote™ finish. These select configurations are equipped with a rear mounted picatinny rail, fiber optic…