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Must Haves from 2023 ATA Show

This year’s archery trade association show did not disappoint. It seems like there is never enough time to see all the new products and talk to all the vendors. From bows to broadheads, cameras to camo, below is a recap of some of the most noteworthy items seen from this year's run-through. Crossbows Barnett has been…

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Bowhunting a Bull from the Trees—One Amazing Hunt

When most of us think about bowhunting moose, we have visions of standing in a boreal meadow, calling and patiently listening. So, with too many close encounters foiled by willows or bushes that my arrow couldn’t navigate, I was intrigued when a friend told me of his great success hunting moose from a portable tree…

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How to Tune and Maintain Your Bow

Bow Tuning - success depends on it For every bowhunter I know who makes sure his or her equipment is in peak condition, numerous others don’t. Today’s compound bows and arrows are highly technical. They are engineered for perfection, so bow tuning and routine maintenance is key to ensuring their accuracy. Without routine maintenance, you…

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Bowhunting Mule Deer From Treestands

Don’t overlook the effectiveness of an elevated ambush. That day, you could’ve heard a pin drop—which is a rarity on the normally gusty South Dakota prairies. Dawn cracked slowly that November morning, and with the onset of legal shooting light came the rustling of an approaching deer. I was hunting 20 feet up the only…

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