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Become A Better Bowhunter During the Off-Season

Archery is a precision sport. Improving as a bowhunter demands consistent practice. We’ve all been there. After months of neglect, you strain to draw your bow. Back in the fall, the simple act of drawing, anchoring, aiming, releasing, and following through was effortless. Back then, muscle memory and the fluidity of your draw were second…

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Late Season Bowhunting Success

Temperatures drop, winds howl, and snow falls, transforming many hunters into football tans. Remember, every seven-year-old Boone & Crocket buck had to survive its hunting season as a six-year-old. We all dream of that once-in-a-lifetime deer and sometimes it happens in the fourth quarter. With greatly reduced hunting pressure in late season, deer return to…

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Deer Mineral Licks

A mineral lick is where animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems obtain essential minerals. Mineral licks often occur naturally, providing the sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc required in the springtime for bone, antler and muscle growth (along with milk production) in deer, moose, elk and other wildlife. Minerals benefit deer health and antler growth (we think):…

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