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Best Whitetail States for Bowhunters: The Original, Light, and Deep-Sleeper Deer States

PHOTOS: HONEYCUTT CREATIVE Here is a lighthearted assessment of serious Whitetail sleeper states to consider hunting this season. See how your state ranks. One of the finest things about America is its diversity. From coast to coast, there’s a lot of “different” sprinkled throughout. The same is true for its deer hunting, which varies wildly in…

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How to Make A Deer Mineral Lick

A mineral lick is where animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems obtain essential minerals. Mineral licks often occur naturally, providing the sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc required in the springtime for bone, antler, and muscle growth (along with milk production) in deer, moose, elk, and other wildlife. Minerals benefit deer health and antler growth (we think):…

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Winter Whitetail Management – Backyard Feeding

As a dedicated whitetail conservationist, wildlife biologist and big game hunter, I have had the pleasure of managing winter whitetails for more than 25 years. From deeryard operations in the mountains of Quebec, to counting ‘pellet groups’ in Central Ontario as part of a Fish & Wildlife program, to today managing my own backyard program…

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Lessons Learned: How Unsuccessful Hunts Can Shape You Into a Better Deer Hunter

I have 20 deer seasons under my belt, and Lord willing, I’ll have many more. While I have many mule deer and Whitetail racks in my home, I’m not too proud to say that I should have many, many more. I’ve made countless mistakes over the years that have cost me big time. Of course,…

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How Weather Affects Deer Movement

I feel like a sausage—an onion-wrapped sausage—as I waddle my way to the tree stand. Layers upon layers of thermal underwear, a sweatsuit, a windbreaker, parka, ski pants, minus 100-degree boots, a neck warmer, toque, and mittens thick enough to safely handle liquid nitrogen have me loaded up and ready to face the absurdly cold…

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