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Wicked Ridge Raider 400

Designed and engineered by industry leader TenPoint, Wicked Ridge Crossbows NEW Raider 400 De-Cock crossbow featuring the revolutionary ACUdraw De-Cock™ and D1™ Trigger is now shipping. The lowest-priced safe de-cocking crossbow on the market, the ultra-lightweight Raider 400 De-Cock combines the convenience of de- cocking and speeds up to 400 feet-per-second at unheard of pricing under $800.

The NEW ACUdraw De-Cock silent cocking and safe de-cocking system features the company’s Auto-Brake Gear System that eliminates the potential of losing control which can lead to injury or costly bow damage during the de-cocking process. While de-cocking with the ACUdraw De-Cock, the user can remove their hand from the handle at any point and the handle will stop in place.

The NEW D-1 Trigger is Wicked Ridge’s smoothest trigger ever. This 2-stage, zero-creep design includes a new DFP™ (Dry-Fire-Prohibitor) and delivers a consistent crisp, 3.5-pound pull. The simple push of a button moves the trigger to “de-cock” mode and allows the user to safely de-cock the crossbow with the built-in ACUdraw De-Cock crank cocking device or to manually de-cock the crossbow with a traditional rope-cocker.

The Raider 400 De-Cock features a powerful 185-pound bow assembly consisting of a lightweight cast aluminum riser and machined aluminum limb pockets fitted with 11” WRX™ double-laminated limbs. Powered by speed designed, 5S Cams™ and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables, the bow assembly measures a narrow 15-inches wide and drives an arrow down-range up to a blazing 400 feet-per-second.

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