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The Professional- Cobra Archery’s First Hinge Release

Cobra Archery introduced their first hinge release in the company’s 48-year history. After the purchase of the iconic industry brand in 2017, the Major family moved the business to Pennsylvania. Since then, Cobra has introduced to the archery world innovation never known. Their technologies range from bodyless pinch- to-close caliper releases, Radius technology sights and the world’s toughest mechanical broadhead with 0.07” thick blades that require no rings bands or clips. The “Professional” is another example of the consistent innovation being developed at Cobra Archery. This release is made from 100% stainless steel that gives the desired weight and durability the target archers demand. The patented roller sear trigger system is incredibly smooth. Until now all manufactures use the same metal friction approach This roller sear has an extra wide roller to disperse hook pressure and to produce an effortless rotation of the shot. The grip is an identical match to the Harvester thumb release. The 100% precision machined Professional has unique fully adjustable hot/cold setting and comes in a three-finger style. The release boasts a spring-loaded hook and head that allows you to address the D-loop in any position. This keeps it firmly in place and always ready.

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