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ScentLok Revenant Pro Jacket and Pant

New ScentLok Revenant Pro Jacket and Pant provide significant advantages to cold-weather hunters. Industry- leading Carbon AlloyTM scent-control technology aside, Revenant Pro’s other unique advantages are largely derived from its fleece construction and WindBrakeTM technology.

Fleece is classified as a “pile” fabric, which means it has a layer of cut fibers on both sides. These pile surfaces trap air, which is key to retaining heat, making fleece an incredible insulator. Additionally, fleece is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t soak up a lot of water, dries quicky and retains heat well even when wet. Fleece is also relatively lightweight, soft, quiet and not itchy.

The new Revenant Pro Jacket features a full front-zip design, high collar and generous tail for coverage. Elbow areas are articulated for a full range of motion without binding discomfort. Telescopic cuffs with thumbholes facilitate an unencumbered draw and release, while helping contain warmth and odor. Four zippered pockets (three outer and one inner) keep gear essential gear like phones and rangefinders close at hand, while an access port allows a hunter’s safety harness to be worn beneath the jacket.

The new Revenant Pro Pant can be worn with or without the included adjustable Comfort Ladder Suspenders. Its hybrid design features a high waist designed to maximize coverage, warmth and scent containment while transferring load off the shoulders and onto the hips to help reduce fatigue. Side seam elastic and articulated knees further contribute to comfort and a secure fit while enhancing mobility. Dressing in the field is a key component of most scent-control regimens. Side leg zippers help make this process easier, even with boots. Finally, a seven-pocket design affords unprecedented gear storage. Get the Revenant Pro Shirt and Pants

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