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Delta-McKenzie Big 8 Archery Target

Big 8 features an innovative asymmetric hexagon shape, providing eight shooting faces. The asymmetric target design greatly increases usable life with any type of bow or crossbow. Big 8’s design provides a larger shooting area versus conventional square targets, giving shooters confidence to stretch the distance without fear of missing the target.

Delta’s Big 8 also utilizes a new premium competition- grade “self-healing” foam, developed in conjunction with the ASA Pro 3D tournament circuit. This new foam withstands even heavy tournament use, lasting up to 8-times longer, while maintaining a lower pull force for easier arrow or bolt extraction.

The Big 8 target is both field point and broadhead compatible, and is speed rated for all high-performance bows and crossbows.

Available in a highly portable 16” size, or the long- distance-effective 20” model. Both models are self- supporting with no need for a target stand—just drop and shoot.

Easy target acquisition, regardless of pin color, is provided with green and white shooting spots. All Big- 8 targets also include a sight-in grid, integrated carry handles, and the 20-inch model adds a replaceable core design to further extend the life of your target.

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