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Code Blue® is proud to release two new long-lasting attractant products focused on improving active scrapes and providing prolonged scent in any weather condition.

The already popular Rack Rub™ pre-orbital gel is now available in the new Rope-A-Dope™ bundle, which includes a tough, weather-resistant rope. The combo helps to improve any scrape or licking branch site all season long.

Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT?! Meet the mess-free Screamin’ Heat™ Stick. Designed for use when does are in heat, the enhanced estrous formula is a breeze to apply in the field. The proof is in the process with Code Blue, with each stick produced using our elite From One Deer to One Bottle® system.

Screamin’ Heat™ Stick

Developed through extensive scientific research and collected with meticulous accuracy, Screamin’ Heat is pure estrous specially enhanced with all-natural female secretions, making it ULTRA hot. Now in stick form, the scent is easier and more convenient to use than ever and can withstand even the harshest of temperatures.

  • Wax stick formula designed for a no-mess application
  • Remove cap and rub scent on brush, tree limbs, or bark to create a scent trail to and around your stand location
  • Screw-on cap locks in freshness
  • Use mid to late season


Put that trophy buck down for the count! Bucks will deposit scent from their glands on low-hanging limbs by vigorously licking and rubbing to mark their territory with an unmistakable aroma. The Rope-A-Dope combo helps amplify the action!

Rack Rub is the ultimate forehead gland and preor- bital scent for stimulating rub activity. The special gel formulation is durable and provides smooth, even cov- erage on the included rope to help bring bucks into view.

  • Weather-resistant cotton synthetic blend rope – 3 ft. x 1 in.
  • 2 bottle of Rack Rub gel
  • Attach rope to a licking branch over an existing or mock scrape using included zip tie, then generously brush Rack Rub onto the rope
  • Use all season

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