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Barnett’s Explorer Crossbow series

The series’ three compound crossbows deliver impressive power with velocities up to 400 feet per second. For the best value in a ready-to-hunt crossbow package, look no farther than an Explorer by Barnett.

Explorer crossbows include performance features typical of crossbows costing much more. An adjustable butt stock allows quick length-of-pull changes, adding versatility for use by different-sized shooters or when wearing bulky layers. A CNC machined aluminum flight track ensures an ultra-smooth release for improved accuracy. The crossbows’ laminated limbs add durability and only require a single bolt for quick out-of-the-box assembly. Three Picatinny rails are included for optics and accessories.

A TriggerTech™ frictionless release technology trigger (a $200 value) and a Metal Injection Molded (MIM) trigger come standard on all Explorers. This premium upgrade integrates perfectly with the safety system, improving accuracy and creating a buttery smooth trigger pull. Each crossbow in the explorer series is CCD (Crank Cocking Device) compatible, so crossbow hunters that have difficulty with a Rope Cocking Device can safely & comfortably cock their Explorer Crossbow.

Like all Barnett crossbows, safety is paramount in this series. Its Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) trigger system automatically engages upon cocking the crossbow; it cannot fire without loading and securing a bolt under the patented Soft Lok™ floating bristle arrow retainer. The crossbow’s generous pass-through foregrip keeps the hunter’s hand in a safe position.

Barnett differentiates Explorer models by arrow velocity. The XP400 shoots at 400 fps, the XP380 at 380 fps and the XP370 at 370 fps – all capable of delivering deep-penetrating hits on target. As expected, the XP400 is the fastest and flattest shooting crossbow, while its little brother, the XP370, with lower draw weight, is easier to cock. The XP380 resides halfway between the speed and draw weight of its siblings.

A non-glare finish protects the Explorers and helps them blend into the surroundings. The XP370 uses a blacked-out finish; the others are even more covert with Strike™ and Strike™ black camo.

All Explorers come ready to hunt with two 20-in. carbon arrows, 4x32mm multi-reticle scope or red/green illuminated red dot sight (XP370), a rope cocking device, lubrication wax, and a lightweight quiver.

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