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Wildgame Innovations – Terra Cell Camera

Wildgame Innovations (WGI), manufacturer of advanced trail cameras, game feeders, and attractants, announces the new Terra Cell wireless trail camera, is now in stock and shipping to their customers.

Available now, Terra Cell customers can choose either AT&T- or Verizon-compatible models based on their preferred service provider. Both models are fully supported by the Wildgame Innovations HuntSmart™ app. With the HuntSmart™ app, users can explore a full spectrum of data, including one of the most affordable data plans on the market at $12 per month for the unlimited plan with no contracts. See the Wildgame Innovations website for a complete list of all of their data plan options.

Don’t have AT&T or Verizon phones? No problem! The Terra Cell camera only needs either AT&T or Verizon service where the camera is located and it will send directly to the user’s mobile phone even if the service is Sprint, US Cellular, Google, T-mobile, or other carriers.

The enhanced app includes features like mapping tools, species recognition, photo sorting, hunt predictor, buck scoring, and more—all from the convenience of a mobile device. What’s more, multiple Terra Cell cameras can be monitored directly through the app.

Get it here.

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