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Wildly Healthy: The Benefits of Eating Free-Range Meat

Providing for my family. Putting meat in the freezer. Field to fork. Sustenance hunting. Whatever you call it, I’m sure we can all agree on this: Eating free-range, organic, wild game meat that you harvested yourself is better than eating meat from your local big-box grocer. As hunters, we intuitively just know it’s good for…

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Party Fowl Grouse

Party Fowl Grouse Grouse thighs and legs with foraged oyster mushrooms and some lovely cipollini onions in a grainy mustard, white wine cream sauce over garlic mashed cauliflower. Uncannily delicious. I used a specialized bird seasoning developed by @huntchef. #partyfowl wild bird seasoning, and the minute I opened it I knew this was exactly what I needed. …

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