Author: Jack Ammerman

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Based in Michigan, Jack Ammerman has abundant hunting and fishing opportunities during every month of the year. He is an avid whitetail deer archery hunter, loves waterfowling the backwaters of Michigan’s Great Lakes, is heavily involved with the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative, and enjoys fishing whether it’s through the ice, from the back of a boat, or with a bow in his hand.

Photos: Loanna Ammerman What Deer See and Hunters Miss About their Camo My tree stand, waiting for me patiently for almost nine months, had not been visited by any human being since I set it up. It sits just off the edge of a ridge that the whitetails climb to get out of a cedar swamp and onto the higher ground where the white oaks grow. The wind was perfect, it was opening day of Michigan’s archery deer season, and I was excited for the sneak attack that I was about to launch. As I sat still in my stand,…

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