Author: Pete Rogers

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Pete Rogers is an award winning sporting writer from Taylors, SC. With over 1,000 articles and 6 books to his credit. Pete is also Producer and host of the award winning Christian Outdoors Podcast a weekly podcast where we discuss all things outdoors and how to enjoy God every day. His podcast is currently listed as a top 15 Christian podcast for 2022. He enjoys hunting anything in season and when forced to choose says “turkeys are my favorite.” Other than hunting, he also enjoys conducting seminars, trapping, fishing, and hiking in the blue ridge mountains he calls home. He is the father of five children and married to patient wife Susan. To learn more about Pete and to find his podcast visit him at At the recent South Carolina Outdoor Press Association meeting Pete was the recipient of 6 total awards, including a 1st place in Electronic Media for the story that appeared in NA Deer Hunter titled "Good Planning".

Easing into the swamp, I heard the telltale grunts of a sounder of hogs feeding. Their social grunts can be heard at quite a distance in the southern swamps where I was bowhunting hogs. They were heading in my direction but were still too far away for me to locate. Easing behind a large cypress, I watched and waited. One by one, they began to appear as they fed along the creek. The sounder was large, with at least 20 animals milling around. My heart began to race, fearing that I would be spotted before the large black-and-white boar that…

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