Author: Jeff Helsdon

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Jeff is a passionate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting with his family in Southwestern Ontario, and beyond. Jeff looks forward to turkey hunting each spring, and then switches to fishing with his family for perch, walleye and bass in the summer. In the fall, Jeff is busy chasing whitetails, waterfowl, fall turkeys and moose when he isn’t working or pheasant hunting with his English cocker spaniel.

When trail cameras were introduced a few decades ago they were touted as the ultimate tool for remote scouting. The more recent introduction of cellular trail cameras has upped the game, making it possible to scout from the comfort of your easy chair while disturbing the hunting area as little as possible.  There are a wide variety of cellular cameras on the market today. The five best cellular trail cameras—Bushnell, Moultrie, Spypoint and Stealth Cam—provided cameras for a review of their features and operations. In this review, we looked at two Spypoint cameras, the Micro S and the Flex, because…

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The Technical Know-How Crucial to Purchasing the Right Deer Scope Are you looking for a new scope for your deer gun? The options for a hunter in the market for a scope have become so numerous that it can be intimidating to try to decipher the technical lingo. First focal plane reticle, second focal plane reticle, red dot or illuminated reticle, high-definition glass, reticle choices, custom dials, mil-dot reticles—the options are almost endless. Although some scopes are good for general use, others are quite specialized. Advice From Experts The first consideration when choosing a scope is to look at its…

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