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Born and raised in Alberta, Heather Wilson is one of Canada’s most accomplished female hunters and outdoor communicators. As an award-winning writer, television personality, seminar speaker, big game hunting guide, mom, wife, and nurse, her roster is full. Working in partnership with her husband Kevin, she’s had the good fortune to hunt all over the world for a wide range of big game. Together, they’ve co-hosted numerous outdoor productions including Canadian Outdoorsman TV online. Both are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. While Heather enjoys waterfowl hunting and pursuing any and all game with rifle and muzzleloader, she expresses a particular affinity for bowhunting big whitetails. Heather is also a Registered ICU Nurse, and she and Kevin own and operate a professional outfitting and guiding operation - Alberta Hunting Adventures (

Its 6:00 am as I pull up to my chosen hunting spot for the day. It snowed overnight, and the temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius – not too cold if you’re moving, but sitting motionless is another story. My usual 30-minute walk is now 40 with the fresh snow. I get out of the vehicle and methodically go through everything I’ll need for my full day sit. Careful consideration went into filling my backpack the previous evening. Multiple hand and toe warmers, extra batteries for my heated vest, extra toque, mitts, rangefinder, doe bleat, grunt tube, rattling antlers, doe…

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When most of us think about bowhunting moose, we have visions of standing in a boreal meadow, calling and patiently listening. So, with too many close encounters foiled by willows or bushes that my arrow couldn’t navigate, I was intrigued when a friend told me of his great success hunting moose from a portable tree stand. Getting out of the animals’ line of sight and smell, even though that limits mobility, indeed helps solve a few of the problems that plague bowhunters. Based on a stand hunt for moose that took place a few years ago, I can tell you…

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