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Q-250 Solo Buck Hut Shooting House Provides An Elevated Room With a View

The Solo Buck Hut raises the standards for shooting houses to an entirely new level with an elevated shooting enclosure perfect for rifle, crossbow, and compound hunters. Outdoor-minded men and women in any season quickly embrace the comfort and concealment of a fully enclosed blind that maximizes effectiveness from the first hot day of the early season to the bone-chilling conclusion of the season. With unrestricted movement inside, hunters can increase their chances to see more game and hunt more comfortably.

The Solo Buck Hut’s framework, platform, and ladder are constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel using Millennium’s SteelTOUGH construction to last for years of heavy use. The rugged exterior shell is made of heavy-duty water-resistant fabric. The Solo Buck Hut incorporates Millennium’s SilentHUNT Design to keep it nice and quiet. The Solo Buck Hut’s sturdy steel ladder features non-slip steps, and a pair of steel rail handles to help keep hunters steady as they enter and exit the shooting house through its large side door.

The blind tower utilizes a reinforced tripod design creating the most stable engineering principles. A sturdy 10-step ladder supports the blind, creates easy access, and puts a hunter nearly 10 feet above a deer’s field of view. The Hut enclosure dimensions measure 7’x4’x4’, enough space to provide mobility for the perfect shot while keeping the profile of the blind to a minimum. The 7-foot interior height means there’s plenty of room to take a standing shot.

With 5 large windows that can be configured for most hunting shots– and each window has an adjustable shooting rest. Even the door doubles as a window so hunters can see what’s happening from behind. Black windows and an all-black interior provide the ultimate in hunter concealment. The blind offers a zip-open door in “walk-through” size with convenient handrails on each side for a safe entry and exit.

The Q250 Solo Buck Hut is another Millennium Treestands product designed and built by the pioneers of the exceptional hunting experience to provide good service for a long time to come.

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