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I’ve been an outdoor communicator since 2010. Since then, I’ve been blessed with a full-time career in the outdoors, and I’ve worked for most of the major hunting magazines and websites, including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. As a deer and turkey hunter, these are the topics I cover most, but I also dabble in other areas, too, including conservation, predator hunting, small game hunting, and more.
Gord Nuttall is an enthusiastic outdoorsmen and award-winning freelance writer that spends countless hours enjoying and promoting recreational activities outdoors. Led by his father, he wet many lines trolling for lake trout along the rugged shorelines of Lake Superior and developed a passion and love for the rugged outdoors early in his life. During the spring and summer months, he explores the diverse Alberta landscape with his wife, Heather and their two children, Noah and Makynna. As a family, they enjoy camping, SUPing, kayaking, fishing and lake life every summer. Spending nights sleeping under the stars in the backcountry fishing remote lakes or unpressured streams are his favorite getaways. Gord loves to bowhunt and has committed himself to harvesting multiple species in North America and documenting the adventures of my quest in a book.
Recognized as one of Canada's most prolific outdoor writers, Kevin Wilson has been actively involved in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. An award-winning outdoor writer/photographer, videographer and show host, his work has been widely published in, and broadcast through, many of North America’s top print magazines, newspapers, websites, e-zines, podcasts, radio shows and outdoor television networks. Former co-hosts of Canadian Outdoorsman TV, Kevin and his wife Heather, are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. With a passion for all things outdoors, they both confess a particular affinity for bowhunting whitetails and hunting wild sheep. As professional outfitters and guides, Kevin and his wife also own and operate Alberta Hunting Adventures (see www.albertahuntingadventures.com). In the off-season, Kevin owns and operates Wild Encounters Ltd. (see www.wildencountersltd.com) an Alberta-based company through which he provides wildlife conflict management services to industry and the public.
Brad Fenson has a passion for hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, and conservation. Brad travels extensively to field test the latest and most advanced gear, including firearms, archery products, ammunition, optics, clothing, and camping and cooking gear. Brad’s accomplishments include over 70 national communication awards for writing and photography. Fenson started writing over three decades ago and has been in print in over 65 publications in North America. Fenson has been involved with several bestselling book projects, like Total Fishing Manual, Total Gun Manual, and Total Outdoorsman Manual.
Darron McDougal, a full-time freelance outdoor writer, has resided in central Wisconsin for his entire life, except for a 2-year jaunt during which he and his wife, Becca, traveled and lived in a fifth-wheel camper. Becca often hunts with Darron and is an integral part of his publishing success, capturing professional-grade photography that often accompanies his articles. The McDougals do minimal deer hunting around their home. Instead, they love to hunt DIY-style, primarily on public lands, out west. Hunting unfamiliar territory has its thrills and challenges, and it truly tests a hunter's prowess. Despite the low success odds of this hunting style, Darron has done very well, and he accredits his success and accomplishments to God. So far, he's hunted whitetails in 11 states and harvested deer in nine. He enjoys hunting all sorts of wild game from turkeys to hogs to elk. He also occasionally mentors youth or beginner hunters. While bowhunting is his preferred method, he doesn't think twice when a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader hunt fits his schedule. He's been shooting archery for nearly three decades and has 20 years of hunting experience.
Chef Jeremy Critchfield founded HuntChef, Inc. in 2009. Drawing from a 30+ year 5-Star Culinary Career and the childhood inspiration of hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking with his Grandfather –Chef created HuntChef Seasonings and Game Kits to help sportsmen and women better prepare their harvests AND the home cook up their flavor game. HuntChef offers 12 seasonings, 9 wild game kits and various pieces of apparel for sale at www.huntchef.com as well as to retailers across the country. HuntChef also partners with various industry influencers to assist in reaching the world with his message - ALWAYS #eatwhatyoukill
My name is Ryan Fair I live in northwest ohio. I am married with 2 daughters who are my life. I am most passionate about chasing whitetails. If I’m not doing something whitetail related you can usually find me turkey hunting or on a boat somewhere with a rod in my hand. My main focus on writing is hunting whitetail and turkey. I also enjoy writing about gear reviews and fishing articles. In 2013 I helped start whitetail junkys with my good friend Dusty Kroft. We promote all things outdoors. You can find me at www.whitetailjunkys.com, on Facebook at whitetail junkys, or on my writing page droptine hollow outdoors.
Noel Linsey is a writer, photographer and videographer based out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. Noel has dedicated his life as well as much of his career to pursuing the great outdoors lifestyle and can be found hunting, fishing, trapping, or canoeing (depending on the season) throughout Manitoba. When not in the woods or on the water Noel can be found running Canada’s highways and trails on his motorcycle. Noel loves to write about all things outdoors, with a particular passion for fly fishing, back country travel and his beloved canoe. When not writing about the outdoors, Noel also loves to write about motorcycles and motorcycle adventure.
Professional wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, book author, television personality, podcaster and after-dinner speaker Larry Weishuhn, aka “Mr. Whitetail”, has spent a lifetime outdoors. He has established quality deer management programs on well over 10,000,000 acres, written well over 3,000 feature articles and numerous books, has appeared in hundreds of television shows, has hunted deer and other big game throughout North America and the rest of the world. Larry co-hosts the weekly digital/tv show “A Sportsman’s Life” on CarbonTV.com, does a weekly podcast “DSC’s Campfires with Larry Weishuhn”, many blogs and articles each month and serves as an Ambassador for Dallas Safari Club, as well as being a partner in H3 Whitetail Solutions.
Mark Raycroft has spent the past 30 years traversing the continent during his career as a professional wildlife photographer, biologist, and author. Specializing in filming the icons of the north country, Mark is world-renowned for his images of heavy-beamed white-tailed deer, monster moose, giant elk, incredible caribou, full-curl mountain sheep, bears, and more! Mark’s award-winning published portfolio includes hundreds of articles, thousands photos, and several books. Mark’s recent book “MOOSE: Crowned Giant of the Northern Wilderness” won 1st place from the Outdoor Writers of Canada. Mark has been a Deer and North American Big-Game hunter his entire life. He believes that if one includes meat in their diet, the best route from field to table is harvesting one’s own food, fostering the respect and appreciation that comes with that ownership. His work can be viewed and easily ordered as stunning prints, ready-to-hang canvases, and vivid HD metals on his website.
My mediums are photography, pen and paper and most importantly food. I’m blessed enough to have multiple creative outlets that allow me to express my creativity and passion for the outdoors. Be it Instagram @humblehunting, The Alberta Bowhunters Association, North American Outdoorsman, North American Bowhunter, North American Deer Hunter or via the award winning restaurant my wife and I started in 2016, Chartier. www.dinechartier.com. Learned to fish on the Atlantic as a boy, now learning to hunt on the prairies as a man.
Award-winning author, Brian R. Kightlinger, is an avid outdoorsman, middle school social studies teacher, and official whitetail deer scorer from Northwest Pennsylvania. He has had a passion for everything outdoors since his youth. Brian enjoys shooting archery and competing in 3D archery competitions. He loves talking about whitetail deer, turkey, and exotics and meeting others with the same passion.
Hello my name is Mike Hungle. I am an outdoor writer and photographer from Regina, Saskatchewan. I enjoy writing how to articles and field-testing new gear. I grew up ice fishing and duck hunting with my dad. The outdoor tradition continues as I spend many a day outdoors with my son and daughter. We focus on what I often call the 3 W’s – walleye, whitetails and waterfowl but also pursue other big game animals, fish and upland game birds. My kids have been on the water and afield with me all their lives. They have caught many a fish, harvested some prime big game animals, inhaled plenty of fresh air and stopped to appreciate countless sun rises and sunsets. To see some of our adventures visit us on Instagram @hungle_outdoors and on the pages of this publication.
Mike Reeber is a Chef, outdoor writer and hunting guide, based in the Texas Hill Country. As the Chef/Owner of the live-fire catering company, "Roaming Fire", Mike travels across the great state of Texas modernizing traditional recipes, while showcasing wild game as a main ingredient. Partnering with a wide array of farms and ranches throughout the state, Mike only sources ingredients which are harvested through sustainable agricultural practices in order to support the entire Roaming Fire menu. Over the years, Mike has been featured by several popular digital and print publications, including the Texas Trophy Hunter's Association, Tuskers and Wide Open Spaces. Mike also shares both hunting and cooking related content on his own site, NortheasternBowhunter.com. For more information on Mike's live-fire cooking rig, visit RoamingFire.co.
Kat Ainsworth Stevens loves nothing more than a day spent in the woods or on the water. She has hunted all over the country for everything from deer to ducks to alligators. Her fishing endeavors range from setting juglines for catfish to catching rainbow trout in mountain streams. And while she’s out hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating, she’s putting gear through its paces.
Luke was raised in very rural Red River County where he grew up hunting and fishing. He began amateurishly writing about his adventures at the age of 12, the accounts of his boyhood outings often filling several pages of his Big Chief tablets. Luke began writing professionally while in his twenties and currently writes an outdoor newspaper column that runs weekly in 40 Texas newspapers. Luke is hunting/shooting columnist for Texas Wildlife Magazine and writes regular features for several other outdoor magazines including Airgun Hobbyist where he is Hunting Editor. Radio is a fun endeavor for Luke and his shows are known for his relaxed and down home style WWW.CATFISHRADIO.ORG Luke is on the pro staff of Airforce Airguns, Smokin Tex Electric Smokers, and TRHP Outdoors. Luke and his long time friend Larry Weishuhn also produce a bi-weekly internet radio show titled HUNTING WIRE RADIO and Sporting Classics Radio on Sporting Classics Daily.com Luke covered hunting for the Texas Almanac, one of the oldest and most revered publications in the state. With almost 38 years under his belt as an outdoors writer, Luke has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to love the lifestyle that has been so fulfilling throughout his life. Luke and friends Larry Weishuhn & Jeff Rice produce a weekly video series " A Sportsman's Life" for CarbonTV.com
Born and raised in Alberta, Heather Wilson is one of Canada’s most accomplished female hunters and outdoor communicators. As an award-winning writer, television personality, seminar speaker, big game hunting guide, mom, wife, and nurse, her roster is full. Working in partnership with her husband Kevin, she’s had the good fortune to hunt all over the world for a wide range of big game. Together, they’ve co-hosted numerous outdoor productions including Canadian Outdoorsman TV online. Both are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. While Heather enjoys waterfowl hunting and pursuing any and all game with rifle and muzzleloader, she expresses a particular affinity for bowhunting big whitetails. Heather is also a Registered ICU Nurse, and she and Kevin own and operate a professional outfitting and guiding operation - Alberta Hunting Adventures (www.albertahuntingadventures.com).
Vanessa has a deep passion for hunting and the outdoors and she loves to immerse herself in cultures around the globe. As hunting is the cornerstone of all cultures, she believes there is no better way to experience a destination. She is constantly seeking out new adventures and whether it’s climbing mountains in search of mountain goats and sheep, chasing Muskox on the tundra with her bow, or stalking elk and deer in the foothills of Alberta, she embraces it all! There is nothing quite like the adrenalin and anticipation that comes with each adventure. Vanessa is also a gear junky and is constantly searching out and testing products to assist in her pursuits. There is no need to call Vanessa a huntress. She is proud to be simply a hunter and no matter where she hunts, she is respected for her tenacity and grit. She is strong role model for all women hunters.
Timothy Fowler is an award-winning Canadian Journalist-chef, hunter, and fisherman focused on wild food, the tools and processes to acquire game, and the techniques that make it delicious for the table. He is approaching 500 articles published in the Outdoor Media space, including contributing as a columnist to several magazines. Fowler hosts a weekly podcast entitled Elevate Your Game, where he often interviews experts as part of his research. Follow him on Instagram @timothyfowler, where you can find a visual record of his latest travels, hunting adventures, and culinary exploration.
Jason Ashe is an avid whitetail deer enthusiast and avid hunter from the finger lakes region of New York. A full time social media specialist in the outdoor industry and habitat specialist with Non typical Life Outdoors, Jason has been featured in such publications as Quality Whitetails numerous times and been paired with hunting greats in Outdoor Life for his knowledge and passion for hunting mature deer. Turkeys, Coyotes also top the list of game that Jason pursues in any down time he has from whitetails. He considers himself lucky to have whitetails and hunting be a part of everyday life. His wife Laura also shares in his passions along with their 2 children.
Pete Rogers is an award winning sporting writer from Taylors, SC. With over 1,000 articles and 6 books to his credit. Pete is also Producer and host of the award winning Christian Outdoors Podcast a weekly podcast where we discuss all things outdoors and how to enjoy God every day. His podcast is currently listed as a top 15 Christian podcast for 2022. He enjoys hunting anything in season and when forced to choose says “turkeys are my favorite.” Other than hunting, he also enjoys conducting seminars, trapping, fishing, and hiking in the blue ridge mountains he calls home. He is the father of five children and married to patient wife Susan. To learn more about Pete and to find his podcast visit him at www.christianoutdoors.org At the recent South Carolina Outdoor Press Association meeting Pete was the recipient of 6 total awards, including a 1st place in Electronic Media for the story that appeared in NA Deer Hunter titled "Good Planning".
Lisa Roper is enthusiastic about all things outdoors. Enjoying her time in the woods and on the waters in Western Canada, she doesn’t just spend some of her free time pursuing her passion, she has been creating memories that will last a lifetime. Join Lisa Roper Outdoors on Sportsman Channel Canada and World Fishing Network on an authentic outdoor journey. Lisa engages the viewer’s emotions in an exciting and wildly inspiring fishing experience. Between the beautiful scenery, delicious shore lunches, fishing tales shared among friends, and phenomenal trophy fish on the line, Lisa will surely have you hooked! Lisa is a strong advocate for conservation and ethically sustainable hunting and angling. Her greatest joy comes from introducing people, particularly women and youth, to the amazing opportunities and adventures that accompany hunting, angling, and the outdoors! Through her journeys, outdoor writing, engagements, and workshops she strives to educate and inspire others to find joy and confidence in an outdoor lifestyle.
Jeff is a passionate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting with his family in Southwestern Ontario, and beyond. Jeff looks forward to turkey hunting each spring, and then switches to fishing with his family for perch, walleye and bass in the summer. In the fall, Jeff is busy chasing whitetails, waterfowl, fall turkeys and moose when he isn’t working or pheasant hunting with his English cocker spaniel.
Scott Haugen is one of North America’s most accomplished outdoor writers. With 17 book titles, more than 3,500 articles, and over 12,000 photos having been published in hunting and fishing magazines around the world, Haugen has been writing full time for over 20 years. The former host of over 450 TV shows, his programs appeared on many major networks, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, ESPN, Outdoor Channel, and more, in over 50 countries. A former high school science teacher with a masters degree and specializing in biology, Haugen spends more than 250 days afield hunting, fishing and photographing wildlife. Scott Haugen Host: The Hunt www.scotthaugen.com Columnist: Wildfowl, American Waterfowler, Hunt Alaska, Alaska Sporting Journal, American Shooting Journal, NW Sportsman, CA Sportsman, Salmon-Trout-Steelheader
This is award-winning, tough outdoorswoman is a product of Northern Ontario, the Creator of Just Hunt INC. and producer and host of THAT Hunting Girl. This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, inspirational speaker, angler, power sports enthusiast, sport shooting advocate, and an accomplished hunter whose mission it is to pass on the passion to our future.
Based in Michigan, Jack Ammerman has abundant hunting and fishing opportunities during every month of the year. He is an avid whitetail deer archery hunter, loves waterfowling the backwaters of Michigan’s Great Lakes, is heavily involved with the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative, and enjoys fishing whether it’s through the ice, from the back of a boat, or with a bow in his hand.
Born and raised in BC, Bill has been fishing and hunting since he could walk; maybe longer but he can’t remember that far back. He has fished and hunted throughout British Columbia. Since moving to southern Vancouver Island in 1982, Bill has branched out into saltwater fly-fishing as well. Estuary salmon, both pink and coho have become a passion for his fly-fishing. Bill is a well-known fly-fishing instructor, firearms instructor and outdoor writer, having instructed and written for numerous fishing and outdoor magazines both in Canada and the US since 1988.
Growing up on a farm, Emily Lamb had a contagious passion for the outdoors at a young age. As time progressed, this began to bloom into obtaining quality food via hunting, fishing and foraging, as well as wildlife management through professional trapping and environmental work. As Emily learned more, she became enthusiastic about introducing potential outdoorsmen to the lifestyle and teaching basic, obtainable skills to anyone with interest. Today, Emily teaches outdoor skills via freelance writing and her outdoor education company Canis Outdoors, as well as provides professional wildlife management as the owner of Canis Environmental Solutions. In her free time, she travels to hunt and fish, or cooks delicious ethically obtained food for as many friends as possible on her hobby farm in western AB.
Ben Cole was raised in northeast Alabama, where he learned the ways of the woods from his father. He has spent over 20 years hunting a variety of animal species across the United States. He is a published outdoor content writer, an avid wildlife photographer, and multifaceted marketing strategist. His wonderful wife, Melissa, pushes his creativity and shares his big dreams. Currently, he is working to complete the North American Grand Slam. He loves to share how Christ changes his life daily. His outdoor show, Rooted Television, debuts in the spring of 2022.
T.J. Schwanky is one of Canada’s most prolific outdoor writers, penning nearly 1,500 articles since he began writing in 1986. He is also host and producer of Canada’s longest-running hunting television series, Outdoor Quest TV, now in its 24th season of broadcast on Sportsman Channel Canada. TJ has a passion for big game hunting and has hunted on six continents, but his real love is hunting sheep, elk, moose and deer in North America. He has taken a grand slam of North American sheep and has several animals in the record books with rifle and muzzleloader. TJ is recognized as an expert on mountain hunting and long-range shooting and lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. He hunts extensively with his partner, Vanessa Harrop, who also shares his passion for wild places.
Jason Houser is an award-winning author, photographer and TV host based out of southern Illinois. Since 2008 Jason has been a fulltime outdoor writer for most national hunting publications. In 2016 Jason began hosting Bone Wild TV on the Pursuit Channel. Over the course of his career, he has hunted throughout much of North America as well as in South Africa several times. His love will always be hunting big whitetails on his family farm in Illinois, but he is not opposed to hunting anything that might be in season. Jason is known as an authority on trapping, having written hundreds of articles on the subject as well as dozens of TV shows related to trapping. It is not all about four legs for Jason though, he loves spending time on the water as much as possible. When Jason is not in the woods, on the water or on the trapline, you can find him spending quality time with his family.
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