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NABH will help you be the hunter you always dreamed of becoming by providing advice and insight on all aspects of bow hunting. Each issue is filled with practical tips from recognized experts, product innovations from the leading manufacturers, and advice on techniques to be a successful hunter. Plus, gear reviews and equipment tests that give readers the best insight into the vast world of bowhunting.90 Articles

Gord Nuttall is an enthusiastic outdoorsmen and award-winning freelance writer that spends countless hours enjoying and promoting recreational activities outdoors. Led by his father, he wet many lines trolling for lake trout along the rugged shorelines of Lake Superior and developed a passion and love for the rugged outdoors early in his life. During the spring and summer months, he explores the diverse Alberta landscape with his wife, Heather and their two children, Noah and Makynna. As a family, they enjoy camping, SUPing, kayaking, fishing and lake life every summer. Spending nights sleeping under the stars in the backcountry fishing remote lakes or unpressured streams are his favorite getaways. Gord loves to bowhunt and has committed himself to harvesting multiple species in North America and documenting the adventures of my quest in a book.10 Articles

Chef Jeremy Critchfield founded HuntChef, Inc. in 2009. Drawing from a 30+ year 5-Star Culinary Career and the childhood inspiration of hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking with his Grandfather –Chef created HuntChef Seasonings and Game Kits to help sportsmen and women better prepare their harvests AND the home cook up their flavor game. HuntChef offers 12 seasonings, 9 wild game kits and various pieces of apparel for sale at www.huntchef.com as well as to retailers across the country. HuntChef also partners with various industry influencers to assist in reaching the world with his message - ALWAYS #eatwhatyoukill10 Articles

Brad Fenson has a passion for hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, and conservation. Brad travels extensively to field test the latest and most advanced gear, including firearms, archery products, ammunition, optics, clothing, and camping and cooking gear. Brad’s accomplishments include over 70 national communication awards for writing and photography. Fenson started writing over three decades ago and has been in print in over 65 publications in North America. Fenson has been involved with several bestselling book projects, like Total Fishing Manual, Total Gun Manual, and Total Outdoorsman Manual.10 Articles

Recognized as one of Canada's most prolific outdoor writers, Kevin Wilson has been actively involved in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. An award-winning outdoor writer/photographer, videographer and show host, his work has been widely published in, and broadcast through, many of North America’s top print magazines, newspapers, websites, e-zines, podcasts, radio shows and outdoor television networks. Former co-hosts of Canadian Outdoorsman TV, Kevin and his wife Heather, are currently team members on Wild TV’s popular Bowzone Live. With a passion for all things outdoors, they both confess a particular affinity for bowhunting whitetails and hunting wild sheep. As professional outfitters and guides, Kevin and his wife also own and operate Alberta Hunting Adventures (see www.albertahuntingadventures.com). In the off-season, Kevin owns and operates Wild Encounters Ltd. (see www.wildencountersltd.com) an Alberta-based company through which he provides wildlife conflict management services to industry and the public.9 Articles

My name is Ryan Fair I live in northwest ohio. I am married with 2 daughters who are my life. I am most passionate about chasing whitetails. If I’m not doing something whitetail related you can usually find me turkey hunting or on a boat somewhere with a rod in my hand. My main focus on writing is hunting whitetail and turkey. I also enjoy writing about gear reviews and fishing articles. In 2013 I helped start whitetail junkys with my good friend Dusty Kroft. We promote all things outdoors. You can find me at www.whitetailjunkys.com, on Facebook at whitetail junkys, or on my writing page droptine hollow outdoors.8 Articles

Timothy Fowler is an award-winning Canadian Journalist-chef, hunter, and fisherman focused on wild food, the tools and processes to acquire game, and the techniques that make it delicious for the table. He is approaching 500 articles published in the Outdoor Media space, including contributing as a columnist to several magazines. Fowler hosts a weekly podcast entitled Elevate Your Game, where he often interviews experts as part of his research. Follow him on Instagram @timothyfowler, where you can find a visual record of his latest travels, hunting adventures, and culinary exploration.7 Articles

I’ve been an outdoor communicator since 2010. Since then, I’ve been blessed with a full-time career in the outdoors, and I’ve worked for most of the major hunting magazines and websites, including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. As a deer and turkey hunter, these are the topics I cover most, but I also dabble in other areas, too, including conservation, predator hunting, small game hunting, and more.7 Articles

Noel Linsey is a writer, photographer and videographer based out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. Noel has dedicated his life as well as much of his career to pursuing the great outdoors lifestyle and can be found hunting, fishing, trapping, or canoeing (depending on the season) throughout Manitoba. When not in the woods or on the water Noel can be found running Canada’s highways and trails on his motorcycle. Noel loves to write about all things outdoors, with a particular passion for fly fishing, back country travel and his beloved canoe. When not writing about the outdoors, Noel also loves to write about motorcycles and motorcycle adventure.6 Articles

Darron McDougal, a full-time freelance outdoor writer, has resided in central Wisconsin for his entire life, except for a 2-year jaunt during which he and his wife, Becca, traveled and lived in a fifth-wheel camper. Becca often hunts with Darron and is an integral part of his publishing success, capturing professional-grade photography that often accompanies his articles. The McDougals do minimal deer hunting around their home. Instead, they love to hunt DIY-style, primarily on public lands, out west. Hunting unfamiliar territory has its thrills and challenges, and it truly tests a hunter's prowess. Despite the low success odds of this hunting style, Darron has done very well, and he accredits his success and accomplishments to God. So far, he's hunted whitetails in 11 states and harvested deer in nine. He enjoys hunting all sorts of wild game from turkeys to hogs to elk. He also occasionally mentors youth or beginner hunters. While bowhunting is his preferred method, he doesn't think twice when a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader hunt fits his schedule. He's been shooting archery for nearly three decades and has 20 years of hunting experience.6 Articles

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