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Best Scents And Lures For 2022

It’s time once again to take a look at the scents and lures on the market! From bottles to aerosols to sticks and so much more, there are a variety of products to choose from to draw deer closer to your desired spot!


Buck Fever
Buck Fever designed the Forehead Gland scent to get deer to exhibit forehead behavior at the site of a mock or natural scrape.

Troy Kailbourne, owner of both Rock Ridge and Buck Fever, explained to us how the latter corporation has been around since 1988, when it was registered under the name “Hawgs Buck Fever.” Though its synthetic-only approach was at first rebuffed, the rise of CWD across the nation sparked an interest in synthetic lures, which had zero chance of transmitting the disease among deer. This plus the fact that Buck Fever synthetics don’t spoil and are legal everywhere in the U.S. and Canada meant the company’s popularity spread from Michigan outward. The premium chemicals and ingredients are designed to attract all whitetails by following the reproductive cycle of the deer.

Buck Fever has formulas specifically designed to be used pre- and post-rut.

In essence, each Buck Fever synthetic acts the role of an imaginary deer with what other deer consider to be superior genetics. Use of a lure will spark interest among bucks and does alike as they seek out this strange “deer.” Mimic a new and strong buck, and the does will seek it as their mate while other bucks try to scope out the competition. You can use these scents year-round and get mock scrapes started early, Kailbourne said.

The flagship product, Forehead Gland, used to be called “Deer Stop” because of its objective to make deer stop and check it out. Whether you use a licking branch, a scented rope, a vine or even direct spray, this lure atomizes in the air to force deer to go through forehead behavior. Kailbourne said it also encourages deer to stay in the area to investigate. Forehead Gland will crystallize on the branch or on the ground; rain or other moisture will reactivate it. This product comes in a blue bottle that Buck Fever emphasizes is “blue for the branch.”

Full Rut from Buck Fever mimics an intrusive buck to pique interest among other dominant bucks.

This is in contrast for “green for the ground,” describing the packaging of Doe Blend. This is a pre/post- rut scent designed to smell like both does and bucks in those timeframes. Like the Forehead Gland scent, Doe Blend crystallizes and is made of premium attractant.

Kailbourne recommends using it for scrape setups.

The Full Rutting Buck scent comes in a red bottle and is used primarily to agitate and attract deer that are 2-1/2 years or older.

Buck Fever engineered Red Moon Estrous to specifically target whitetails during the peak breeding period.

Kailbourne said these three products complement each other in mock-scrape setups. Set them up in the right configuration to send out a message intended to attract whitetails daily, again and again, during daytime hours. Each of these three comes in a 4-ounce bottle ($12.99) or an 8-ounce bottle ($22.99).

What if you don’t have time to set up that scrape? What if you want to stop in to the shop at the beginning of the weekend and get a scent that has more immediate results for the two days you have off work? That’s the role of the new Red Moon Estrous scent. This premium blend of synthetic components costs $12.99 for a 2-ounce bottle due to the high potency of the ingredients within. This scent mimics a doe as opposed to a buck and will still bring both bucks and does to investigate. You don’t need to put this scent on a wick or a vine; just dribble it on your scent site or track it around using your boot pads.

Buck Fever – Forehead Gland Scent

Buck Fever – Game Changer Full Rut


EverCalm from ConQuest is designed to mimic the scent of a deer bedding area.

Doug Roberts informed us that there have not been any new product releases for 2022 when it comes to ConQuest’s lineup. However, the products we covered last time we checked in with ConQuest are still selling strong and definitely worth a mention.

ConQuest’s ScentFire dispenser heats liquid scents into a vapor that is designed to reach distant deer.

The EverCalm wax-stick lure is still the number one seller from the company. Roberts said it’s designed to work “all the time, wherever you are.” This includes use in the off-season to monitor trail cameras. The stick gets its name from the way it is designed to mimic the scent of a deer bedding area. It is designed to last through the elements and resist leaking or spilling. You can reseal the leftovers in a bag for next season.

Another way you can dispense EverCalm (or any of several other ConQuest scents) is through the ScentFire electronic vaporizing scent dispenser. The remote-control system allows you to heat and vaporize the scents while controlling how much is dispensed. The vapor strengthens the scent and carries it far on the wind. The ScentFire has always been designed for customization, but this year, there is a small change to its modes. The remote control has settings marked “1,” “3” and “Pause.” The “1” setting will dispense scent every minute, the “3” setting will dispense every three minutes and “Pause” halts scent-dispensing. (The previous version of the remote used an “S” for “Standby.”)

ConQuest’s aerosol Bombs allow you to control how much scent you release at a time. Depicted here is the Rutting Bomb, built to use testosterone to aggravate dominant bucks.

Anytime you select the 1 or 3 mode, the unit will dispense the moment you turn on the feature, meaning you can fill the air with scent and put it back on the cycle. The remote works from up to 40 yards away and the dispenser runs on three lithium AA batteries. Another change made this year was to increase the portholes on the scent cartridge by 50 percent in size, which allows even more scent to be carried and last longer in the air.

ConQuest’s aerosol bombs have also remained popular. Available as a 3.5-, 4- or 7-ounce unit, each aerosol bomb lets you leave liquid scent on the leaves and branches on the level of a deer’s nose. You can use them with a burst mode or a bomb mode. EverCalm can also be dispsensed this way.

Roberts hinted that there is a new scent-dispensing method in the works for 2023. We don’t know much more than that, but keep your eyes out!

Evercalm calming scent Conquest Heat Bomb


We caught up with Keith Beam from GSM to discuss the offerings by Hunter’s Specialties and Buck Bomb. The Hunter’s Specialties line features the clip-on Scent Wafers: plastic discs that emit scents including Doe Estrus, BucRut and a multitude of cover scents. Beam recommended hanging the Scent Wafer on a branch. It comes with a carrying case.

Hunters Specialties – Doe Estrus and Buck Rut scent wafers

A Scent Wafer disc by Hunter’s Specialties emits one of a variety of scents, including Doe Estrus, BucRut and several cover scents.


Meanwhile, Beam’s favorite product in the Buck Bomb line is the Scrape Generator Bomb. Available with Doe-n-Estrus or Doe Pee scent, this aerosol bomb can be used in two ways. One is to click down the nozzle and let it spray until the whole can is emptied, fogging the air with the scent. The other is to spray your boots and walk to your hunting site from upwind.

Hunters Specialties Scrape Generator Bomb

Buck Bomb
Buck Bomb’s Scrape Generator Bomb can be sprayed in short bursts or locked down to empty the contents.
Scent Hammock
This Scent Hammock is used to hang a 4-ounce bottle of liquid Buck Bomb scent from a tree limb.


To mark its 50th anniversary, Tink’s is focusing on its best-selling #69 Doe-in-Rut scent.

Amanda Popp informed us that this year is the 50th anniversary of Tink’s, which is a landmark milestone for the company. For this anniversary, Tink’s is focusing on the #69 Doe-in-Rut scent. This scent is designed for use during the rut, as the name indicates. The liquid lure, available in a 1-, 2- or 4-ounce bottle, is a flagship product that launched the company, Popp said. Its exclusive formula of premium urine has been a company mainstay for all 50 years. There were already a lot of ways to dispense the #69 scent: wicks, drags, drippers and more. Now there are two new versions of #69 Doe-in-Rut that think outside the bottle.

Tink’s introduces Scent Pods with the natural or variety of the #69 scent. They can be hung on branches or anywhere the hunter desires.

Tink’s Scent Pods are available with both the natural and synthetic #69 formula. These pods are designed for convenience; just hang the orange tab where you want it and pull out the white tab three-quarters of the way. This will cause the lure inside the pod to soak into the felt on the white tab. Popp promised no spills, no mess, nothing unsavory getting on your hands and no bottle leaks in your pocket. The scent is designed to disperse downwind for up to eight hours. These pods come in a three-pack.

Tink’s Smokin’ Stogies are designed to last up to three hours, as indicated by the “One sit, one Smokin’ Stogie” campaign. They also contain the #69 scent.

In the past, Tink’s sold a smoking stick lure (no flame) that would burn for 90 minutes. The new Smokin’ Stogies are an upgrade of this concept, designed to burn for up to three hours. Popp described it as “One sit, one Stogie.” They are only available with the synthetic version of the #69 Doe-in-Rut scent, meaning they are legal everywhere in the United States. Popp said that the synthetics from Tink’s are as close to natural as they can get. These sticks don’t freeze, which is an advantage for cold-weather hunts, and once lit, the stick will dispense a scent that adheres to its surroundings, including branches and leaves. The Smokin’ Stogies are sold in packs of two.

Popp reminds readers to ensure they are following their local game laws when it comes to using synthetics versus natural lures.

Tinks – Doe in Rut Scent Pods

Tinks – Doe-P


Wildlife Research Center has sold Golden Scrape in the bottle for years, Paul Marion reminded us. This year, it is now available in a 3-ounce aerosol spray because of the popularity of the spray-can design. Marion said you can use this scent to freshen a scrape, spray bursts along a trail or spray into the air to get it to drift down from the branches. He added that this is one of the most popular products in the Wildlife Research Center lineup. Golden Scrape is made with Golden Estrus scent, Buck Scent, fresh-scraped earth scent and Territorial Musk in order to mimic an active scrape.

Golden Scrape
Wildlife Research Center’s Golden Scrape scent has been
introduced in a 3-ounce aerosol can due to the past
popularity of the spray-can design and the liquid Golden
Buck-Nip is named for the analogy of catnip for cats; it uses plant derivatives in a secret formula to attract bucks.

Marion described Buck-Nip as a “fringe but effective” product. This aerosol spray is derived from plant materials and intended for use all season as an attractant. “It’s a powerful, intense curiosity product,” Marion said.

Both of these products come in aerosol cans that use the bag-on-valve system, meaning the scents are stored in bags inside of the cans. This puts air pressure around the bag, eliminating the need for propellant to carry the scent out of the bag.

Wildlife Research center – Golden Scrape

Wildlife Research Center – Buck Nip


This 2-ounce spray bottle of Doe in Estrus is Mrs. Doe Pee’s best-selling liquid lure.

Mrs. Doe Pee’s Buck Lure is built around the Doe in Estrus scent that is collected from Sam Collora’s farmed deer and elk. Judi Collora informed us that when the company was first started, some big companies advised never to use estrus scents before the rut. However, through personal experience, Sam discovered an effective way to use it early. The record-setting “Collora Buck” was harvested by Sam five weeks before the height of the rut, with the use of Doe in Estrus. Judi advertised the benefits of having a doe scent out early because it will catch the attention of bucks when the does in the wild are not yet in heat to distract them. Mrs. Doe Pee’s educates hunters on the benefits of using estrus in the pre-rut. Judi expects positive reports back from the new buyers in 2023.

Bury the Land Mine from Mrs. Doe Pee’s below ground level, then extract the wick to start the dispersion process.

This year, Mrs. Doe Pee’s is starting production on a new product. It takes the form of a patented pad freeze- dried with the Doe in Estrus scent infused in it. Judi said there are many ways hunters can use it if they get creative, including but not limited to hanging it, pinning it or dragging it. The freeze-drying eliminates the need to refrigerate the pad and it can sit on a dry shelf indefinitely in stores. Each pad is packed in a small resealable Mylar bag that allows you to use it, pick it up at the end of your hunt, pack it and use it again later. While it will eventually deteriorate, Judi said, this won’t be until after several re- uses. She said you can even purchase this product at the end of one rut and keep it in storage until the next deer season opens up. While she can’t put an exact number on how much product will be available on first release, she has said the regular dealers for Mrs. Doe Pee’s will be the first to get this product on the shelves.

mrs. doe
The Continuous Scrape Set from Mrs. Doe Pee’s can be used to create a mock scrape or refresh an existing scrape.

The 2-ounce spray bottle of Doe in Estrus is still the best seller in the liquid line. It is made from natural urine and meant to mimic a new doe to the territory where it is placed. Mrs. Doe Pee’s offers refill bottles for the spray bottle. This is a product that needs to be refrigerated and is in fact shipped to dealers in coolers with ice packs.

The Land Mine is designed for use before, during and after the rut as a scrape starter. All you have to do when you set it up in your desired area is to ensure the wind will work in your favor. A Land Mine and a 2-ounce spray bottle of Doe in Estrus are the two major pieces in Mrs. Doe Pee’s Starter Pack, which also includes a Drag Rag.

You can also start early scrapes with Continuous Scrape Set. Judi has observed bucks checking out this product as early as July. Be sure to wear rubber gloves at setup so you do not add your own scent to the lure. Burying wax paper at the site will increase the scent’s longevity.

The Early Season Prep Kit combines Mrs. Doe Pee’s Continuous Scrape Set and Fresh Doe along with the scent-free gloves and wax paper recommended for setup.

The Early Season Prep Kit includes an 8-ounce bottle of Continuous Scrape Set, a 2-ounce bottle of Fresh Doe to use as a cover scent, two pairs of rubber gloves and two pieces of wax paper.

Judi’s closing words were to pose a question to readers: “Do bucks pursue does because they are hot?”. This is a question that plays a central role in Mrs. Doe Pee’s advertising. We won’t give away the answer here as per Judi’s suggestion. See what you can find on the subject!

Mrs Doe Pee – Doe in Estrus

Mrs Doe Pee – Land Mine

Mrs Doe Pee – Continuous Scrape

mrs. doe
Mrs. Doe Pee’s Starter Kit includes a bottle of Land Mine and a bottle of Doe in Estrus as well as a Drag Rag.


The HODAG line of products establishes a spot for deer to communicate naturally through scent marking and scraping year-round. These products are designed for every scenario and can be conveniently placed in the ground, on a tree or hanging down from a limb, depending on the location you choose. All three products leverage the natural curiosity of a whitetail.

HODAG offers the Licking Stick, which creates visual and
scent interest to the deer in the desired area.
The HODAG Licking Branch is similar to the Licking Stick
but specifically designed to mimic an overhead branch.
The HempScent Rope System from HODAG is blended with natural hemp fibers to better absorb the AllSeason scent without breaking down easily.

The Licking Stick is designed to mimic natural licking sticks, drawing deer in to where they can use it as a communication spot. The Licking Branch mimics an overhanging licking branch for deer to deposit their own scent. The FlexPlate Base and spring used in the design of both the Licking Stick and Licking Branch help to prevent the inserted branch or sapling from breaking with aggressive use. The HempScent Rope allows you to hang a rope from above to create a v ertical mock scrape. It is a 3/4-inch heavy-duty natural organic hemp rope that absorbs scent as deer interact with it. As with the Licking Stick and Licking Branch, this product allows you to establish a deer communication spot in an area that is most convenient for the hunter.

HODAG’s AllSeason scent is intended as a “jump-start” for other products in the line, encouraging deer to come communicate by scent.

Instead of using urine or any other glandular secretion, the final step to complete the setup is to apply AllSeason Scent: a natural, organic and non-consumable compound designed to stimulate interaction with each HODAG deer communication system.

Hodag – Licking Stick System

Hodag – Hemp Scent Rope


Chester Lapp emphasized that RAW’s approach for 2022 is to continue to double down on making the best product the company can. RAW Frozen Scents are collected from a herd of 500 deer split between two farms, monitored to ensure every scent is CWD-free. RAW can bring its does to peak heat at any time desired to begin the collection process for the estrus scents. The collected scents are then immediately frozen and kept cold until they reach the end user; this keeps them fresh for a long time. Most products are shipped directly from the RAW freezers to the consumer so as to preserve this freshness but RAW does also sell through select dealers.

RAW Frozen Scents is emphasizing its package purchases, such as this Rut Season Pro Pack that comes in five sizes. We are showing the Small package here.

Mainstay scents in the line include Body Blast, which replicates a live doe in estrus; 30+ Peak Estrus, which is the top-selling estrogen product from RAW; Multi Buck, which combines the scents of bucks of all ages; and Scrape Lure, which mixes buck and doe urine to mimic a community scrape. This year, RAW has focused on bundling these scents into convenient packages in order to keep profits balanced with the cost of the distinct harvesting and freezing process.

The Rut Season Pro Pack comes in five different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Max. Each pack contains a combination of Peak Estrus, Multi Buck and Body Blast as well as the mist tops required to spray the scents. All sizes except Small also contain Scrape Lure while all sizes except Small and Medium include big wicks for use in setup.

RAW worked with input from the Deer Society to create the Deer Society Rut Package.

The Deer Society Rut Package was developed based on input from the Deer Society about what hunters would want out of their lures. It has seen a lot of success this past year, Lapp noted. This package focuses on five bottles of the Peak Estrus scent and also includes two bottles of Scrape Lure, two bottles of Multi Buck, one unit of Body Blast, four big wicks and three mist tops.

The Team200 Rut Package hinges on seven bottles of Peak Estrus complemented by one Scrape Lure, one Multi Buck, one Body Blast, four big wicks and three mist tops.

Raw Frozen Scents – Team 200 Rut Package

The Team200 Rut Package includes several bottles of Peak Estrus as well as a bottle each of Scrape Lure, Multi Buck and Body Blast.

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